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Sandra Navarro en el escenario del evento El País Con Tu Futuro en diciembre de 2018

Status and evolution of the Project Manager profession

Tiempo de lectura: < 1 minuto Event: The Country with your future. Organized by El País, Grupo PRISA. 2018.
We examine the changes that the project management profession is having and clarify the tasks and responsibilities of a good project manager.

Awareness of some gender figures in Spain

Tiempo de lectura: < 1 minuto Event: Digital Sessions Women Edition Flat 101, 2020. Opening talk of the event and presentation of some relevant data on the reality of the situation of women in Spanish companies, and in particular, in the digital sector.

Interview in II Edition SocializaDay

Tiempo de lectura: < 1 minuto Event: Socializa Day, 2016. Interview after the presentation of the neuromarketing study carried out on Zara, ASOS and H&M, 3 of the most relevant fashion ecommerce in the Spanish market.

Strategic CRO. Success stories

Tiempo de lectura: < 1 minuto Event: Web Congress, 2019. Digital Business CRO: Success stories of digital business optimization: international fashion marketplace and service platform. Introduction to the difference between the Strategic CRO and the Tactical or Operational CRO.

Ponencia en Congreso Web 2015 acerca del proyecto de rediseño de ecommerce validado con neuromarketing

Neuromarketing applied to the validation of an ecommerce redesign

Tiempo de lectura: < 1 minuto Event: Web Congress 2015. Neuromarketing study carried out to validate the redesign of an ecommerce platform. Includes access to other articles in which the Success Story is developed, and to the presentation used in the event.

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