That your business should be online is no longer an option

In 2020, online retail sales increased by 27.6% worldwide (eMarketer).

There is no doubt that 2020 has marked a turning point in online sales and the digitization of services. The upward trend that we have been bringing has accelerated with the pandemic, and will continue to grow when it ends.

“Carrying out the digital transformation of your business and optimizing it continuously is no longer an option, it is a single path to a business future”

Hence, each year in Flat 101 more clients trust us to successfully carry out their digital business development and optimization projects worldwide.

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Shopping experience in online supermarkets

The user experience varies a lot between supermarkets and devices, but in general it has a long way to go for improvement.

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The most frequently asked questions about digital strategy

The CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is a methodology aimed at identifying vulnerabilities in our digital business model and designing actions that improve its results. We can define two CRO approaches:

Tactical or operational CRO. The actions identified are limited in scope, involve small-scale or short-term changes and / or apply to routine activities. For example: copy changes on a product page, implementation of filters in a product distributor, etc.

Strategic CRO. The identified actions have:

  • broad scope in the company
  • proposes significant changes
  • apply to complex activities
  • and produce long-term improvement

For example, rethinking the bank account hiring process, changing from a product sales model to one of attracting and selling leads, etc.

Digital transformation consists of the digitization or implementation of technology at different points of your business model: online sales, order tracking, employee recruitment, etc.

Digital optimization consists of the continuous improvement of processes that are already fully or partially digitized, from which better results are expected.

Digital transformation in industrial companies. The necessary change.

There are different definitions. A business model …

  • describes how an organization intends to make money.
  • describes the bases on which a company creates, provides and captures value.
  • is an abstract representation of an organization

Business models are used to describe business ideas, to classify businesses, and to exploit possibilities for future development in large organizations.

I have already defined my business model, now what?

The Business Model Canvas created by Alexander Osterwalder and Ives Pigneur, is a tool to define or design business models. The canvas is made up of 9 blocks:
  1. Market segments
  2. Value proposal
  3. Channels
  4. Relations with clients
  5. Sources of income
  6. Key activities
  7. Key resources
  8. Key alliances
  9. Cost structure
Business Model Canvas
Business Model Canvas Template
6 templates and tools to work on business models

The research techniques with users that we use in the Flat 101 UX Lab within optimization projects are:

  • User test: face-to-face / remote, moderate / not moderate
  • Eye tracking
  • Neuromarketing
  • Dairy studies
  • Tree testing
  • Card sorting
  • Microtesting
  • Interviews
  • Polls
  • Quantitative analytics
  • A / B test
  • Heuristic
  • Benchmark
  • Mystery shopper
  • User people
  • Usage Scenarios
  • Customer journey
  • Blueprint
  • Stakeholders map
  • Desk research

A digital optimization project (CRO) will have better results the more user-centric it is.

Following the scheme published by Nielsen Norman Group in the article: “When to Use Which User-Experience Research these techniques have been classified.

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