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Professionalize project management. Now or never.

7 out of 10 products that are launched on the market do not interest your target audience.

More than 50% of the projects that are carried out in companies do not end with the expected functionalities, nor with the cost assigned to them, nor within the time they had stipulated.

“If they want to survive and grow, companies must improve the selection of opportunities they undertake and increase the success rate of their projects”

Specialized and certified project management professionals can make a difference in this situation. Project Management is a booming profession, well valued and well paid.

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Tiempo de lectura: 4 minutos Recommendations to approach the renewal of the PMP® certification according to guidelines published by the Project Management Institute.

My mission as a Project Manager

Tiempo de lectura: 2 minutos Create the environment in which the team can and wants to give the best of itself. Get ahead of the schedule and solve obstacles and risks.

Not without my Project Manager!

Tiempo de lectura: 4 minutos What does a project manager do. What skills should you have. Who should not hold the title of project manager.

The best online courses to obtain PMP®, CAPM®, PMI-ACP® and SCRUM PSM-I® certifications.

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What is expected of a Project Manager?

Companies want and must increase the success rate of their projects. In this presentation Sandra talks about the state of project management in companies and makes clear the role and responsibilities of a good project manager.

Event: El País con tu futuro (El País with your future)

The best simulator in Spanish to prepare for the PMP® certification

The most frequently asked questions about Project Management

This is one of the most relevant questions for managers entering this profession. According to the latest study published by PMI® entitled “Project management Salary Survey – 11th Edition” of 2020, the 5 countries with the highest average annual salaries for project managers are:

  • Position 1: Switzerland ($ 132,000 per year on average),
  • Position 2: United States ($ 116,000),
  • Position 3: Australia ($ 101,000),
  • Position 4: Germany ($ 96,000)
  • Position 5: Netherlands ($ 93,000)
  • Position 23: Spain ($ 52,642, approximately 44,000 euros).

This being the average, it must be taken into account that the more years of experience managing projects, the higher the salary. Another interesting piece of information from the study is that Project Managers with PMP® certification earn 14% more in Spain than those who are not certified.

As a last piece of information to highlight, this study once again brings to light the gender gap. In Spain, men earn 14% more than women practicing the profession of project manager.

A digital project manager is a project manager specialized in online business.

Due to the sector in which he works and the type of project he manages, he must be able to manage both projects with agile methodologies and predictive methodologies. Depending on the project that falls into your hands, you will have to decide which methodology offers you the best guarantees of success.

A Scrum Master is not the equivalent of the Project Manager role in agile projects. The Scrum Master:

  • It is not responsible for the results,
  • He does not lead the project,
  • Exercises the role of facilitator within the team,
  • It is responsible for the operation of the scrum process
  • Protect the team from the “outside” and remove obstacles
  • He is a servant leader, a leader at the service of the team.

A good project manager:

  • It has a general, complete and global vision of the project and the sector in which it works.
  • He spends more than 80% of his day talking and interacting with people. Your social skills are very important.
  • Solve problems and conflicts.
  • Negotiate agreements.
  • Fix any impediments that could move the project forward.
  • Make sure that all the people who work on the project can (have the tools / capacities / etc) and want to give the best of themselves (have the motivation).

In addition, it is important to be clear that a good PM:

  • He does not know everything.
  • It does not correct or validate anyone’s work.
  • He is not anyone’s boss. Leadership is the key.

NOT without my Project Manager!

He is responsible for the success of the project. To achieve this, you must properly manage:

  • Stakeholders
  • Risks
  • Schedule
  • Budget
  • Scope
  • Quality
  • Team people
  • Resources
  • Communications
  • Purchases

My mission as a project manager

A certified project manager earns more than one who is not. The professionalization of project management is booming. The benefits that organizations get from having professional project managers are immense, and they are willing to pay for it.

CDP School‘s online courses have great international recognition in Spanish-speaking countries (Spain, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, USA, etc.). 97.5% of the students who follow our methodology are certified.


Project Manager Professional (PMP)® Certification Course

Considered the best certification course (PMP) ® in Spanish. Based on the PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition. Updated to the new version of the exam effective from January 2021. It grants 35 Contact Hours necessary to request the exam. It has an exam simulator with more than 4,000 questions.

Project Manager Professional (PMP)® Certification Course

How to pass the exam to be a PMP® and not die trying


Certified Associate in Project Management CAPM® Certification Course

Focused on all those people who do not have enough experience to become certified as (PMP) ®. The best way to gain the knowledge you need to get the opportunity to start managing projects. Based on the PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition. Awards 35 Contact Hours. It has an exam simulator with more than 4,000 questions.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Certification Course


Professional SCRUM® Master PSM-I Certification Course

An agile project manager must understand and properly apply the SCRUM framework, which is considered the benchmark approach in agile project management. It allows to prepare with guarantees of success the Professional Scrum Master PSM-I certification granted by Awards 20 PDUs. It includes exam questions in Spanish to practice in preparation for the certification.

Professional SCRUM® Master PSM-I Certification Course


PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Certification Course

Course focused on obtaining the PMI® certification for agile project managers. The Agile Certified Practitioner PMI-ACP® is one of the most demanded agile certifications internationally and with the greatest projection for the professional future. Awards 60 PDUs. Includes exam simulator.

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Certification Course

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