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When you start working with the Business Model Canvas a doubt arises about how to represent it, which template to use, how to share it, etc.

A few months ago it wasn’t easy to find stencils to work with and each one had to create their own.

Now, a lot more people work with this tool and templates, that are available in different formats and even tools that guide you through the creation of your business model, hypothesis testing and that help you evolve your original model, have spread.

Listado de plantillas y herramientas colaborativas

I leave you some links of templates and tools I’ve found: I am updating the post with more interesting tools that have emerged since I originally wrote this post a few years ago;) Since the beginning of the Business Model Canvas, collaborative online tools and online template formats have emerged more and more. Here is an updated list of some very interesting ones:

  • PDF Business Model Template to print in A1 and work in teams defining the business model as it is explained in the Osterwalder & Pigneur’s book, Business Model Generation.
  • Template Business Model Canvas is a very well displayed template that lets you work with post-its online as you would with the printed version of the business model.
  • Business Model Template (Spanish version of the previous one)
  • Power Point Business Model Template (just one more format for those who like working with power point)
  • Lean Launch Lab: it is a tool that looks very good since it goes beyond the creation of the business model itself. Once you define the model for the first time, you will have a list of hypotheses that you must test. To do this, you must define and carry out the experiments that help you confirm or discard these hypotheses. All this helps you evolve your business model towards the one that you really must execute. In Lean Launch Lab, only the individual version of the tool is free, if you work as a team you should go to the paid version. It is a pity that it is paid:*( AUPDATE November 2016: Lean Launch Lab has closed. I recommend some alternatives below.
  • Business Model Toolbox, app available on iTunes. I haven’t used it yet but it wouldn’t be my first choice to start working with business models. UPDATE: discontinued tool.
  • LeanStack: allows you to use the business model and work it under a Lean Startup approach. Also designed to work the customer development cycle. If you only want to work on the business model in a limited number of projects, the starter version is sufficient. If you also want to incorporate your project into the named client development cycle, you will need the premium version. Both are paid.
  • Strategyzer App: the creators of the business model canvas have released an app to work on it online as a team. It also allows you to work on the Value Proposition Canvas, created after the success of your first canvas. How to work the value proposition is collected in Osterwalder’s book, Design value proposition. Advantage: that it is developed by the creators of the model. Disadvantage: the price;)
  • Business Model Fiddle: simple tool with which to start working online quickly and for free. UPDATE: discontinued tool.
  • BM Canvas: Free and very easy to use. Allows you to create the canvas quickly. It does not have advanced business model testing functionalities. This is only a version to draw the model. UPDATE: discontinued tool.
  • Lienzo: Collaborative and responsive online tool (adapted to display devices). There is a free limited version. UPDATE: discontinued tool.
  • TUZZit: it is a very interesting free tool. Not only does it allow you to collaborate in real time on your BMC for free but it also allows you to use a long list of canvases or very useful canvases that you can select from its canvas library.
  • BizCanvas: specific app to work with iPad. UPDATE: discontinued tool.
  • EDVdesign: a very interesting tool to work with good marketing tools and models, from the most strategic to the most operational part. One that I found very surprising and rewarding to find is the Golden Circle. This tool is useful when defining how your company or startup communicates what it does. For one project and 3 canvas, it is free.
  • MURAL is a digital platform to collaborate on boards visually. Right now it’s my favorite. In addition to the business model canvas, you have many more templates available.
  • MIRO, very similar to MURAL and together with it one of the ones I use the most right now. You also have many templates to use: customer journey, user story framework, kanban board, mindmaps, etc.

If you know of any other template or tool to work on business models, please comment on the post and leave more links.

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